Friday, January 30, 2015

misi menjadi orang kuat.

أستغفر الله‎, أستغفر الله‎, أستغفر الله‎
I seek forgiveness of Allah.

anger management. or in other words, how to not easily lose control of oneself. to be honest i had lots of reading and listening related to the issue. for me, myself, i'm still in the mission to really be the strong person. it ain't gonna be easy, i know. just need more and more effort, insyaAllah..

something i got in my laptop to share. indeed a reminder for myself. may it benefit others too.
ameen ameen ameen..

kesan marah:
  1. menghilangkan akal (wanita dalam surah an-nahl)
  2. merosakkan jasad (ya'kub buta dalam surah yusuf)
  3. menambah beban pekerjaan (maryam berat melahirkan dalam surah maryam)
  4. mendatangkan musibah (yunus ditelan ikan)
  5. merosakkan hubungan (iblis dibuang dari syurga)
  6. membatalkan simpati dan pembelaan dari pihak yang baik (abu bakar marah bila dihina dan malaikat lari dari sisinya)
  7. merosak akhlak (abdullah bin ubai bin salul)
  8. mengurangi peluang masuk syurga (hadis jangan marah, bagimu syurga)
catatan: ustadh salim, kamus iman, ramadhan 2014, suraukita.

usaha lagi. usaha lagi!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Waking up in the morning, gotta make my prayer
Am I really gonna' make it, when there is no one there?
Taking trips to the masjid (mosque), even when it's tough
Am I going for the sake of Allah? Am I showing off?
Gonna' get me the knowledge, gonna study Islam
Am I going just to build my ego? so they call me “the Man”?
Does it matter if the people respect me, when its not for Allah?
When I know anytime He can take me, without one real du'a (prayer)
Does it matter if they say I'm a big shot?
when I get no reward for my deeds
And I'm dragged on the Day of Resurrection
Cause of the folks that I wanted to please
Plus I know that Allah has the power
To raise me up in their eyes if it need be
I should always make my intentions, for my Lord, Allah completely

Are my Intentions alright?
Am I doing for Allah?
When I'm looking deep, deep down inside
Do I have the right niyyah?

Wearing thoubs with a kufi, kufi
Miswaks leather socks like the old days
Am I trying to follow the Prophet? or am I seeking praise?
Giving talks on Islam to people
I'd be quoting Hadith and Qur'an
Am I speaking so they like how I'm speaking? and they say I'm “the Bomb”
Donating to Islamic centers, giving money so the Deen can grow
Am I giving for the sake of Allah? or is it for show?
Many times I have found my intentions
Are not what I want them to be
I know I start on the right direction
But Shaitan starts talking to me
And I forget that without my niyyah, I'm just wasting my time
My intentions cannot bring the reward, when they're out of line
So I pray to Allah to help me, to do everything for Him only
Doesn't matter if the people despise me
Cause with Allah I can never be lonely

Yah Allah, accept this niyyah
Coming from young Muslims striving to be believers
So on the day, our deeds You'll measure. Know we only did this strictly for Your pleasure, Your pleasure
Your mercy, Your ajur (reward), Your Jannah (heaven), forever and ever and ever
And reward us for those who listen
Heeded to the message, changing their condition
And know that everything up until this point I've ever written
I submit as my repentance
And if its blessings You're sending my way
I beg You hold them to the judgement day
so maybe in Jannah you can look back and was a lovely day, a lovely, a lovely day, yes a lovely day
Are my intentions, alright, am I doing for Allah
When I am looking deep deep down inside, do I have the right niyyah (intention)?

Are my Intentions alright?
Am I doing for Allah?
When I'm looking deep, deep down inside
Do I have the right niyyah?

intention by native deen, has always been among my favourite nasheed. a very good lyric to ponder upon. indeed.