Sunday, December 21, 2014


rushing back from ipoh to serdang just to see you lying on the bed in the emergency room. i felt so helpless. 21/12/2013. the last day that i saw you with these two eyes. it was hard. i could barely recognize you with all the wires and you looked so thin (ummi took steroid before so she looked a bit chubby).

i wasn't there to pray for you. i wasn't there during your funeral. i really felt sorry for that. but when i went to your grave and meet your family, i felt peace. you showed us what and how peace is, biidznillah.

love this picture :)

nothing to say. just i miss you. may Allah reward you with His jannatul firdaus, ya mumtazah bintu maridi. Allahumma ameen..

Thursday, December 18, 2014

one moment a traveller.

let pictures do the talking.


alhamdulillah. it's been a week now. travellers always have travelogue. and i? i prefer to let the moments embedded in the pixels. though ayah used to say "bukan gambar kalau tak ada orang kat dalam tu". sort of like that hihii. but above all, thank you Allah for this opportunity. may this not be a useless experience. Allahumma ameen..

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


alhamdulillah wa astaghfirullah. Allah wills me to still stay alive to repent and do more good deeds.
may He forgive me and accept my deeds.

Allahuma ameen..
Ighfirli Ya Rabb!

love from ahlul nuurun 'ala nur :)

i don't really tell people when is my birth day. usually only close family and friends who know. yet, some surprised me. thanks for the remembrance, wish and prayer. jazaakumullahu kheiran katheer.

p/s: i'm more to action of service and time person, not gifts, words nor touch. but really with the thoughts, you all now are very special and dear to me <3>