Wednesday, January 13, 2016


alhamdulillah it is 42 degree celcius now in melbourne. the thought of just staying at home to study ended up with me travelling around the cbd haha. anyway, a stick of paleta is always a good a idea in times like this.

at chillbro paletas with someone ad hoc enough to be an accompany. thank you.

paletas may quench your thirst in the scorching hot weather, but surely not during the day of judgement. this has really reminded me of the river or the cistern of al-kautsar as mentioned in many tafseer of surah al-kautsar, the endless, countless and infinity nikmah. please do have a read on this.

i really hope that we may be among the thirst quencher of the ummah, not the adding of the thirst by just being an avid, self-centered and full-of-ourselves people.

i really do.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

a house in paradise.

ayat tadabbur usrah hari ni. orang beriman itu, cita-citanya tinggi. setinggi asiyah meminta rumah untuk berdekatan dengan Allah di dalam syurga.
mengambil ibrah sempena baru sepuluh hari di tahun baru dengan azam yang baru, mukmin itu perlu punya cita-cita yang tinggi. tapi cita-cita yang tinggi itu sama sekali bukanlah angan-angan yang tinggi. cita-cita yang tinggi didatangkan dengan usaha yang jugak tinggi. moga-moga!